Powder paint

Tehnostatic Link SRL is the unique distributor of “Eko-Color” powder paint in Romania.
page_eko_colorPowder paint is the most rapid technology of development for the industrial powders.
Its remarkable development is possible due to the low impact on the environment, to an easy way of application and a high life cycle, but also due to the fact that solids are the most ecological film applicable systems.
Because of its characteristics, the powder paint is used for a large range of products made of steel, aluminum, metallic alloys, glass and ceramics.
Powder paint coating technology is the most ecological, economic, efficient and modern.

We can offer colors from RAL , NCS, PANTONE range, as well as special, unique shades, at the client’s demand.

RAL catalogue



epoxy, polyester, as well as hybrid epoxy-polyester.

Smooth, fine texture, grand texture “orange peel”, grand texture “hammer kick”, as well as antique effect.

Gloss class

Mirror ( super glossy ) , glossy , half-glossy,  half-matt , matt, and matt-absolute, as well.